Sep. 28th, 2013

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Yesterday when I was buying groceries the cashier looked at me and went "You're over 18, right?". I was like "Yeees...?" and he was satisfied and didn't want to see my ID, but seriously: WTF. About a month ago I was actually carded when I bought a six pack of beer. BEER, which you can legally buy here at 16. I'm turning TWENTY-six this year... Do I seriously look that young???
Then again, when I lived in Japan, people were often surprised when I told them that I was only 19. I used to get a lot of "Wow, I thought you were older." and "I thought you were in your twenties." (and not only from Japanese people). So maybe my age is just hard to judge?

Ugh, up until about a month ago I knew nothing about Sexy Zone except that they existed. And now I've apparently grown fond enough of them that their presence on Music Station is what made me decide to download the freaking 17 GB file after all :/
After originally getting into JE and spending a couple months being into more or less every debuted group at that time, I became mostly an Arashi fan. There still was the occasional detour into some other group, but they were always brief and I totally ignored the newly debuted groups or undebuted juniors. Until a couple months ago when I accidentally got into A.B.C-Z. And consequently started watching Shokura again (which has kinda become my happy place among all the RL stress).
And then I sorta got into Kis-My-Ft2 which is especially bewildering because suddenly I like Fujigaya?!? (Which is so weird! I never liked him.)
I even keep learning names of more and more juniors *cries*.


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