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ARAFES voting, I finally did it! My heart is still beating faster and my hands are sweaty because I had to hurry so much to make it before the deadline. I had planned to vote right after getting up, but then it got later and later and suddenly there were less than 30 minutes left... But I made it, literally seconds before the page disappeared!

This morning there were two adorable hedgehogs in the backyard. At first I saw only one of them and I was a little worried because it was breathing really loudly. It's not that unusual to hear hedgehogs, they are pretty noisy for their size, but I had never heard one sound like this. But then the second came out from under a bush and the first one kept pushing it (her!) with his nose while breathing even louder. Seems it was hedgehog courtship :)
By the time I managed to take a photo they had unfortunately both retreated beneath the bush again. I hope they stay here and eat all the slugs which like to eat my zucchini and tomato plants!
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Arrgh, people are selling Arashi subs. Information and translation of the shop page here. It's always a disappointment to hear about a new case of fans doing things like this (well, "fans"). I wish they would consider what their actions are doing to the fandom...

On a happier note:

endless game1

The MS performance of Endless Game was great. Everyone looked really good and they were all wearing pants that fit XD. And Aiba's shoes <3

endless game2

I suck at capping so the glory of the shoes is barely visible, but there's Sho who kept looking at Aiba's poster XD

Also, I sneakily watched MS on my phone while I was in university and when I got to Japanese class in the evening, the guy I usually sit next to was wearing a shirt that looked exactly like Ohno's. My life is getting to the point again where practically everything reminds me of Arashi in some way. Dunno if that's a good thing or a bad thing...


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